So I just bought a 31’ airstream trailer today. I guess my new life plan is to redo it and live the trailer life….

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  3. ultraswell said: So exciting!!!! I hope you tell us about your adventures! I encourage you to embrace this next season of your life.
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    i’m so jealous.
  6. littlemangelwurzel said: I just re-did an airstream last year and it was the best decision ever. Sounds like yours 1969 31’. It is seriously the perfect size. We ripped out the bathroom and put a bed there in the back. Pine floors. Lemmie know if you want pics for inspiratio
  7. dilettante-polymath said: What happened to the Yurt?
  8. afishinthesea said: Have you seen this trailer make-over? It is quite amazing.…
  9. hylandsteve said: That sure would look good in Colorado!:-)
  10. ahumblespinallacrossthehiposhere said: post pics!


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