Then there are those sleepless nights when you start to rummage through your phone as if something new would appear.

Only to find an undiscovered 7 min voice memo dated 12/09. You start to listen and hear the sounds of travel. In a car no doubt, then the whimper that you haven’t heard in so long. A baby?! He starts to get louder and so does the music. A few exchanged cold words. Trying to sooth from the drivers seat then your ex starts to sing along with the radio in a terrible voice. “Maybe we’re not meant to be” only breaking to mention this should be “our song”.

More cries and a few attempted words from a toddler till I discover the 1yo was recording a typical car ride. Me always mad because he was always mean. And so on…

Six months later he cheated.


Eric Kvatek
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My littlest and I taken at home on the river.
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I wonder where in the world you are.


Kasia Struss in Vogue Paris September 2013
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Big Sur Coastline.
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I took this same shot. So good.
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This is for me.