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Taylor Stitch
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I literally have looked at this beautiful collection from Elizabeth Suzann a crazy amount of times this week. Pieces that can be worn everyday alone or layered for the perfect fall look. I literally wish every single piece lived in my closet.

Elizabeth had this to say about her latest collection… "This season, I was heavily influenced by my favorite iconic shapes of decades past … These are the cuts and silhouettes that always reappear on those women that nobody forgets - the Audrey Hepburns, Marilyn Monroes, and Diane Keatons."

I love her inspiration and how lovely each piece turned out in an updated but still minimal version.

I got to try on all of these pieces. they’re perfect!
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Corps Balneaires by Matthieu Raffard
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still want so bad
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Proof that aprons make you look gorgeous. Buy our collaboration aprons with @awelltraveledwoman online at @naninstudio 💗💗💗
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This is for me.