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one of the best days of my life. I was given the most precious gift… my first born son. Happy Birthday little man! 

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Sid Mashburn’s fantasy factory.
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Sigur Rós
#1 on my list of “musicians I absolutely need to see before I die”

This is also my #1 would be amazing.
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black coffee + fresh milk
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The manhattan. Girls night.
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Summer 05’

A teenage girl broken, hurt and confused by life. I packed up my 98’ black Volkswagen Jetta and left for Alaska. Without a job, friends or a place to live I set out on an adventure in hopes of escaping the realities of a young broken heart. I made it there and soon settled in to this odd temporary life I had made. The loneliness overtook and I made successful attempt to reconnect with an old crush friend. When summer came to a close I found myself only wanting one thing… to be close to that man who is now my husband. We dated for 2+ years and married the fall of 07’. About 1 year later we bought in partners on a commercial fishing boat back in Alaska and have spent summers since living there. This year we are full owners and will leave again in a few weeks for the longest yet of our stays there, 4 months. I’m excited and nervous at what this summer might hold but grateful for the chance to escape a bit and take some pictures of that beautiful place.

Our Boat.
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This is for me.