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it’s so difficult to describe [depression] to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness, i know sadness. sadness is to cry and to feel. but it’s that cold absence of feeling—that really hollowed-out feeling. - j.k. rowling | via nina
words borrowed + a picture revisited. this is the first step towards a longer story. the truth. a step that i’ve been considering for months. one that i’ve kept private out of fear. fear that i wouldn’t be able to make the leap from one job to the next if i admitted, publicly, that i’ve been living with severe depression for over a year. there, i said it. exhale. diagnosed three times because i didn’t believe the first or second doctor. i might have laughed at the third. because surely none of them know what i’ve accomplished over the past year. it’s true depression doesn’t look like sadness. compliments about my approach to life - calm, confident, graceful - have flowed. i suspect it’s different for everyone but for me - depression feels like an intolerable pressure. an implosion and explosion at the same time. confusing at best. the pressure has pushed me to keep moving in the form of you can do this you can, fucking take this.! as james would say, i’ve been hustling. 

This is awkward to reblog but I can relate to every word. It feels good to hear someone else say it.
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First gifts from the newest members of my family.
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Can’t wait to get bees.
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Jayce Basques @ FORD. 
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This is for me.