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A GPS can’t help find yourself.
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Not sure why my face is all twisted in disgust because yesterday was a good day. Whatever.  Shout out to Justin for making me look good.  Anyhow, I just moved so I have no cable/internet hence my absence.  As we speak I am coming at you live from the underground a Starbucks.  Here’s the breakdown -
Jacket: Boglioli
Lapel Flower: JandHP
Shirt: Run of The Mill
Pants: Gant by MB
Shoez: Crockett & Jones
Bag: Wm. J. Mills & Co.
Shades: Ray Ban Wayfarers (RB2113) - If you want to read up on the difference in Wayfarer models offered by Ray Ban check out this old piece I wrote.  Lots of guys and girls alike blindly buy Wayfarers without doing the proper research.  Educate yourselves, children.

Lawrence Schlossman.
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Gathering eggs = my new favorite part of the day.
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This is for me.