DIY Industrial Coat Rack

This is my project today. Pix will come later.
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B!! I'm sorry to hear about one of your male peacocks :( hopefully he will come back soon. I know you are pretty big into outdoorsy stuff, I'm looking into getting a day pack for backpacking/camping trips but am not quite sure where to start looking for one and not even sure what exactly I want! Any suggestions??

Hey girl! Yeah totally and sorry can’t answer privately on my phone :/ I get most of my camping gear when a local outdoors store does a warehouse sale 2/ year so that’s probably not much help but I’ve heard really good things about sierra trading post I’d give it a shot or check REI outlet. Buy quality for sure something with good support. I have a mountain hardware pack and carried it all over the world… Still going strong :D xoxo P.s. I might be in GA soon

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they gathered to drink tea  : )
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Thought of more! I would go into a good local outdoors store and have someone fit you for a pack then go home and try and find the same thing cheaper online. You won’t regret paying more if it fits properly, trust me. Different brands fit different ways I’d try on as many as you can before you decide. Hope that helps!!

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This is for me.