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Let your children grow up to be farmers.

Let them know what it is like to be free from fluorescent lights and laser pointer meetings. Let them challenge themselves to be forever resourceful and endlessly clever. Let them whistle and sing loud as they like without getting called into an office for “disturbing the workforce.” Let them commute down a winding path with birdsong instead of a freeway’s constant growl. Let them be bold. Let them be romantic. Let them grow up not having to ask another adult for permission to go to the dentist at 2 p.m. on a Thursday. Let them get dirty. Let them kill animals. Let them cry at the beauty of fallow earth they just signed the deed for. Let them bring animals into this world, and realize they don’t care about placenta on their shirt because they no longer care about shirts. Let them wake up during a snowstorm and fight drifts at the barn door instead of traffic. Let them learn what real work is. Let them find happiness in the understanding that success and wealth are not the same thing. Let them skip the fancy wedding. Let them forget four years of unused college. Let them go. Let them go home.

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Taylor Stitch
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I literally have looked at this beautiful collection from Elizabeth Suzann a crazy amount of times this week. Pieces that can be worn everyday alone or layered for the perfect fall look. I literally wish every single piece lived in my closet.

Elizabeth had this to say about her latest collection… "This season, I was heavily influenced by my favorite iconic shapes of decades past … These are the cuts and silhouettes that always reappear on those women that nobody forgets - the Audrey Hepburns, Marilyn Monroes, and Diane Keatons."

I love her inspiration and how lovely each piece turned out in an updated but still minimal version.

I got to try on all of these pieces. they’re perfect!
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Corps Balneaires by Matthieu Raffard
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still want so bad
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This is for me.