Just finished the hardest bikram class I’ve ever taken. I have 21 classes to use by the end of November. My goal is to not miss 1 and photograph my progress at the end.
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“This past year, my husband and I started a new tradition simply referred to as ‘Music Night.’ We take turns picking out a record, pile a bunch of blankets on the floor and just quietly listen. It’s fun to share our thoughts on the album afterwards — how it made us feel, what it reminded us of, what are favorite songs were, etc”
Love this idea for Redbeard and I.

You Guys seriously are the most adorable couple I’ve ever met! People follow this lady to constantly swoon over her adorable (married) life :)
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Yes! Do you ever have trouble keeping them around?? I feel like I didn’t let them acclimate long enough before letting them out. This is the second one to fly luckily the other one came back but no such luck with this one yet :/

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A meal, according to my understanding anyhow, is a communal event, bringing together family members, neighbors, even strangers. At its most ordinary, it involves hospitality, giving, receiving and gratitude.

- – Wendell Berry, Bringing it to the Table (via framesofreadingroad)


This is for me.